A programmable calculator based on JewelScript

The PCalc application is a small Windows® program that lets you quickly evaluate a given expression by simply entering it, as you would while programming. It is all about functionality and nothing about looks. No CASIO look-alike GUI, no pointless buttons to click to enter your expression.

The program embeds the JewelScript runtime to compile and run the expression you enter. This opens up more possibilities than you would expect from such a program. You can even define functions, classes and variables on the fly, and then use them in your expressions.

But that’s not all. When starting up, the program scans it’s “modules” folder for script files and compiles them. That way you can build your own library of user-defined functions or classes, and always have them ready for use when you launch the program. In these module files, the full functionality of JewelScript is available.

The program comes with a number of useful native classes, allowing for some really advanced programming. Full documentation on available classes is contained in the archive.

Changes in 0.9

Changes in 0.7


PCalc is freeware. You can share it with anyone as long as no money is charged. Use it at your own risk.

Where to download

You can download PCalc 0.9 here.