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One year at

By Jewe | January 26, 2006

Yes, a few days ago, the JewelScript project had it’s one year “anniversary” at sourceforge. Time to look back and think about what has changed, or what has not changed during the last 12 months.
Well, if you compare the latest version v0.7 (which is not yet publicly available), or even the latest released version v0.6 to the first version I published at sourceforge, then it is obvious that the project changed from a mere “toy project” to something that is actually usable.

Even though progress on the project is slow; much slower than I would like the project to make progress.

My hope and initial motivation to publish my project at sourceforge, was to get some help from other developers that have the same interest and enthusiasm in such a project. However, I got not a single query via sourceforge from anyone asking to contribute to the project.

Therefore, I also tried to “promote” the project at various development-related Bulletin Boards (BBs), which all-in-all led to two developers declaring that they would like to contribute to the project. Sadly, I never heard back from them again.

Also, web-traffic on my web-page is quite low. If gets 3 or 4 visits per day then that was a “good” day. In fact, I get more “fake hits” from dubious websites than from sites actually referring to the JewelScript project.

All this leads to the impression, that the public interest in a project like this is quite low, which in turn undercuts my motivation to further spend my rare spare time on it, even though JewelScript is still my favourite project and I’d really love to take it to the “next level”.

Well, admittedly I’m not an experienced open-source project leader, so maybe I’m doing something wrong, or not doing things I should do in order to interest and/or motivate people to contribute.

However, I have no idea what to do about it, so if there is anyone reading this who has some ideas, knowledge and/or experience to share, please send a mail.

Regarding v0.7:

I’m currently thinking about releasing v0.7 as it is, since I don’t expect for it to become ‘finished’ anytime soon.

The build is quite stable (well at least not less stable than v0.6, it should be even more stable since it fixes some v0.6 issues). However, not all the features have been added that I had planned for that version.

What’s missing still is the code-generator to automatically generate C++ binding code, and the rewrite of the function call parsing code to solve a long standing issue with function calls. (See v0.7 progress document:

My initial idea was to hold the release back until these two have been added, no matter how long it would take. However, it probably makes more sense to release what I have now, and add the missing parts when there is the time and opportunity to do it.

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