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Launch Pad 2.0 released

By Jewe | November 7, 2016

I have updated Launch Pad with some interesting new features.

Launch Pad is a small Windows application that allows you to create shortcuts to any script or application. I designed it primarily to launch JewelScript scripts, but it isn’t limited to that use.

The most important new feature is support for defining environment variables, and being able to prompt for parameter input before starting a script.

Environment variables aren’t used for many things in Windows. However, if you’re working with any build- or development tool, chances are, the tool allows or even requires to be configured by environment variables.

You can now create a “global” (application wide) set of environment variables in Launch Pad’s settings dialog. You can also define a “private” set of such variables in each particular shortcut you create.

If you define a variable that would “override” a system- or global environment variable, the environment editor will highlight the variable with yellow background color, to warn you that you may have overwritten something important.

Next to the variable name and value, you can also define whether or not Launch Pad should prompt the user for input for this variable, before running the associated shortcut. The program will remember recent values for each parameter, so you can easily switch back to things you had entered before.

Other enhancements to the program are improved support for cut/copy/paste of shortcuts, and a “View As…” menu for the main window, allowing you to change the shortcut list to “small icons”, “list”, or “tiles”.

For a download link and more information, see the Launch Pad main page here.

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