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JewelScript monolithic version

By Jewe | February 23, 2016

Using JewelScript in your project has never been so easy!

I have created a new sub-folder in the JewelScript repository: jilruntime-mono. It contains a new version of the library’s source, which consists of two files: One source file (.c) and one include file (.h).

To use the JewelScript library, now all you have to do is add jilruntime.c to your project and include jilruntime.h in your code where you need it. Easy as cherry-pie!

The monolithic version is built and updated through a script file. Whenever I make changes to the original source code version, I can run the script afterwards to update the monolithic version.

C++ developers, who feel reluctant to add .c files to their project, because they fear linker issues, can simply rename the source file to .cpp and compile it as C++.

My hope is that the monolithic version encourages more people to try out JewelScript. Especially those who feel reluctant about adding so many files to their project.

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