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Project repository migrated to SourceForge

By Jewe | March 20, 2015

I have migrated JewelScript’s code from Google Code to SourceForge.

I signed up JewelScript with SourceForge in 2005. One year later, Google started their own code hosting service. Had someone told me at that time, SourceForge would out-live Google Code, I would have been more than skeptical.

Last week Google announced that they are shutting down Google Code. Consequently I have imported my SVN repository into my SourceForge account. Anyone who would like public anonymous access to the latest development version of JewelScript should check out JewelScript from SourceForge now.

The good thing about this change is that everything about the project is now in one place. I probably should have created the SVN repository at SourceForge in the first place, but back at the time I was rather expecting SourceForge to die, than Google Code…

It seems that almighty Google is not so almighty after all, and it yet again proves that SourceForge is reliable. GitHub has yet to prove that they can provide a decade of dedication to open-source project hosting.

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