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JewelScript update released

By Jewe | June 15, 2011

This is a bugfix release for the JewelScript library.

You can grab it from the sourceforge site (see link above) or download it right off this site using this link.

For detailed information what has changed since the last public release (, see this post.

If you would like to see and test a demo-application, I have also released the JILRunOnly command-line tool. This tool is a simple console applicaton written in ANSI C that demonstrates how to embed the JewelScript library in an application.

A project and solution for VC 2008 Express is included in the package, users of other platforms unfortunately will need to create their own project / makefile. Simply do a search for all “.c” files and put all of them into the project. Set the include pathes to all directories that contain “.h” files.

When you’re done and it works, you can send me the file so I can include it in the next distribution.

The JILRunOnly source package contains everything you need to build the program, including the JILRuntime sources. You can download the JILRunOnly package here.

Please report any bugs, problems or errors you may find.


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