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JILRuntime update released

By Jewe | June 19, 2014

This update fixes a number of bugs and adds several new features.

JILRuntime library

This update fixes a number of bugs and adds several new language features and improvements to the built-in types.

You can grab it from the SourceForge site (see menu on the left).

For detailed information what has changed since the last public release (, see this post.

JILRunOnly command-line application

This project is a simple console applicaton written in ANSI C, that demonstrates how to embed the JewelScript library in any application. It is intended for demonstration purposes only and may not be particularly useful for any other purpose.

A project and solution for VC 2008 Express is included in the package, users of other platforms unfortunately will need to create their own project / makefile.

The JILRunOnly package contains everything you need to build the program, including the JILRuntime library. You can download it from SourceForge (see menu on the left).

JILRun Runtime Environment for Windows

This project is a console application that embeds the JewelScript language to allow users to program automated tasks in JewelScript. It contains a number of useful native classes statically linked to the executable, so the runtime environment is easily portable to any computer or can be run from removable storage devices like USB sticks.

The main purpose of the program is enabling the user to very quickly and easily program specialized automation tasks. Full documentation on all existing native types is included in the archive. For more information, see the project page.

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