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Embedding JewelScript – Code Example I

By Jewe | October 4, 2007

This is the first of a series of code examples that show how to use the JewelScript runtime in your C++ application.

December 2014: This example is outdated. The JewelScript API has been subject to changes since this article was written. The code in this example is obsolete and won’t compile with the latest version of the JewelScript library. The way script functions are called from the native side has been greatly simplified since version 0.9.

The archive contains a project file for MS Visual Studio 6.0, however a makefile or project file for any platform should be quite easy to create. The code will use only ANSI includes and build a console application.

You can download the demo here: Code Example 01.

Note that you will need to download the current version of the JILRuntime library and extract it into the top-level folder of this archive.

For a detailed discussion of this example, see the Tutorial I: Getting Started.

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