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IrfanView Sandbox 1.2 available

By Jewe | May 12, 2014

I have updated the IrfanView Filter Sandbox.

The new version fixes a few bugs, most of them related to the script runtime. In addition, a few new functions have been added to the plug-in.

I’ve also added two new demo effects which might actually be useful. The first one is a bloom effect, which is a blur shader most commonly known from 3D games. It’s very useful to brighten up and soften an image.

As you may notice on the right image, bright areas bleed into darker areas, giving the picture a more natural “photographic” look.

The second effect I’ve added uses 2-dimensional Perlin noise to render clouds. It can produce very nice, detailed results. It does take a minute to render with bigger images though.

I’ve rendered a wallpaper (1920×1200) using this effect. If you like, you can download it here.

The new version has been sent to Irfan Skiljan. I assume it will be available in the next update of the IrfanView plug-ins bundle.

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